Most Definitely Not Cool Thor, or Back In Line

“This line is trash, this ride is trash, and I hereby…forsake it!” I yelled.  Thunder rolled through the sky when I said ‘forsake it.’  It was epic.  I was Thor.  Okay, admittedly not cool-Thor, no.  I was most definitely not cool-fit-handsome-Thor.  

I was sad-Thor, like in the ‘Endgame’ movie, and I was raging against the long line at an amusement park.  It wasn’t moving fast enough.  The music on the other rides sounded cooler.  The people in the other lines looked happier, cooler, more sophisticated.  So, I got out of line and I walked away.  There were other rides to ride.  Faster lines.  There’s always a faster line. 

Donnie’s Rule about Lines:  The fastest line is the shortest, and you can be sure that the fastest line is the line I’m not in.  This rule is in effect particularly at grocery stores.  I’m sure to pick the slowest line.  There could be one dude ahead of me with only a candy bar and a 2 liter of pop.  It’ll take him ten minutes to check out.  He’ll look like a normal dude, but then he gets up to the cashier and he starts trying to haggle on the price of a candy bar, or he’s using all nickels to pay.  Who has all their folding money tied up in nickels?  Then there’s price checks, and checks on the previous price check.  Oh, there appears to be some kind of secret handshake and passphrase being used…I’m not sure what all happens up there, but this is no mere snack run for the guy in front of me.  Ten minutes for two items.  Every time.    

The line for the ‘better’ ride was worse.  Way worse.  It looked better.  The people seemed to be moving along; they looked happy.  It looked like the ride for me.  Everyone looks happier when they’re far away don’t they?  It wasn’t smiles I saw from far away.  It was grimacing; it was the smell.  Ughhhh.  The new line was trash.  

Deuteronomy 4:29-31 (CEV) “In all of your troubles, you may finally decide that you want to worship only the Lord. And if you turn back to him and obey him completely, he will again be your God.  The Lord your God will have mercy—he won’t destroy you or desert you. The Lord will remember his promise, and he will keep the agreement he made with your ancestors.”

Honest Donnie Time:  We’ve all stepped out of line, left what we should not have left. Me included.  In my past I’d walked away from what I’d been taught, and I found something surprising: the other lines stink. They may look fun, but there’s a steep price to be paid for staying in those lines. There’s still time to get back in the right line. Every time, every single time I’ve come to my sense and come back to Him, God has accepted me back.  It’s never too late to come back to Him.  Jump back in line. 

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